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Digitizing Wholesale Produce

Let us help you save time, labour and avoid lost sales by delivering when it matters

We have delivered over millions of pounds of produce just-in-time to our customers

Our Services

We make ordering wholesale produce simpler, faster & transparent


We deliver high-quality processed fruits and vegetables to help you save time and labour so you can focus on running your business


We use our purchasing power to provide  competitive bulk pricing


We also create ready-to-go produce trays for retailers  to make shopping more convenient for the end customers

Easy to Order

Easily order  produce items that you need along with receiving special curated deals just for you based on past purchases

Stay Informed

Track your order and receive any updates along the way about your order along with adding last minute add-ons

Powerful Insights

Receive your shipment and easily track your invoice and provide any updates on quality for easy credits and feedback

Filling in the Supply Chain Gaps

Jitto understands that a range things can impact a retailer, ranging from inaccurate forecast, labour shortages, poor quality produce or just mistakes while placing orders due to limited information. We work with our customers to find those gaps on a daily basis by digitizing the wholesale ordering process and delivering when it matters the most.

We understand the sense of urgency when there is an empty shelf at the grocery store and will work with you every step of the way. Jitto aims to compliment your existing supply chain with just one goal in mind - keep those shelves full and your customers happy.

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